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Guys… I am dying. I can’t stop…
I made another Sim and I am honestly obsessed with her. I was going for androgyny. I have to do something with her…

Necro Blossom

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I am done now. Spent all day making them. She is the last new sim I made. 

Honey-Blue Licorice

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camilainwonderland replied to your photo “I am alive! I also made a new sim to celebrate! ;3 ♥ Foam Powder…”

She’s so cute!

Thank you my sweet. :) I am quite rusty. I am so happy people think she is cute!

wonderinsimsland replied to your photo “I am alive! I also made a new sim to celebrate! ;3 ♥ Foam Powder…”

She’s adorable Mya! Also I missed youuu<3


My love! I hope you have been wel!! I have been so busy with everything this summer. I am actually moving in like a month on top of it all. Its been a roller coaster. I am so happy you think she is cute. I know I’ve missed you as well. I missed tumblr and sims so much. I am relieved things have resumed back to normal at least for the time being. :3

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I had to try this hair…
It truly feels good to sim again. I’ve missed it…

Bravery Sprite-Drizzle

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I am alive! I also made a new sim to celebrate! ;3 ♥

Foam Powder Blush

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Thank you so so much for participating, ladysimaholic!! It was a lot of fun having Dre around. He’s a party boy with two left feet and a soft spot for sappy romantics. Maybe he isn’t what Jamie is looking for, but he’s definitely going to make a lucky lady very happy one day!


*heart break* .

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My Loves! I have been so busy with everything that I have not posted in awhile. I am well and things are surprisingly great after a drought of nothing but the blues. 

I have been playing my game but I have not had a chance to post! So as a teaser, I wanted to show you the second generation of castaways from my Midnight Sun Challenge! I love them all…

Top/Boys (plus order in which they were born)

Ray (1st), Joshua (4th) and Charlie (2nd,Werewolf)


Wendy (3rd/Mermaid) and Morgan (5th)

I can’t wait till I start posing again. I have so much to catch up on, Blogs, Stories, CC, Berry Palette challenge. Ah! So much to do! ;) Thanks for all the messages and support and still following me! 

Much love always, Mya. ♥

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I have been missing, again. June for me has been non-stop! I haven’t had a moment to myself. Between, birthdays, baby showers, fathers day, work, overtime… Its been a crazy ride!

Last night, I saw Journey (yes, they were out before I was born! But good music never dies) in concert! They are my favorite band, hands down! I enjoyed myself tremendously. I am a little biased as I love/live by Steve Perry’s vocals more, my hat is off to Arnel Pineda for being another awesome vocalist and for rocking Camden, New Jersey last night! Amazing job! 

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Introductions aside, good guy Dre decides to “get to know” Jamie a little better during his thirty minutes :)

YAY!!!!!!!! GL to my baby! Go for it. Jamie is adorable!!!

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